I Had to Open My Mouth. Heh.

I know, I know, the Holy Spirit does this stuff to help us and I need to embrace suffering as a way toward perfection, it says here. But honest to goodness, sometimes the good Lord is Not Subtle.

So yeah, there’s all this stuff going on with our poor dog (who is actually getting a lot of enjoyment out of being sick, being a dog who appreciates the bright side of life, i.e. being hand-fed lots of treats and goodies). And there I go, reading that POV poem for St. Andrew and writing a little song after it, and trying to do the whole embrace the cross thing.

So should I have figured that there was something else in the way of suffering coming on? Ho, yus. That’s just the way God works. (And I’d tell you folks all about it, but it’s not really my story, and public bitching about it also precludes really offering it up. But it’s nothing anybody’s going to die from, so don’t worry.)

So I can’t complain. It’s not like it’s martyrdom like poor “Rania” got, and I do try to offer it up, and it does seem to be in the way of process improvement. (So, yeah, thank you for the favors, St. Joseph. You’re doing a lot for us this year and I APPRECIATE IT.)

But seeing as I’m not St. Therese, that does not console me very much. Embracing the Cross just means getting more use out of events and making love more available to others; it doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Oh, well. The Father’s loved more by the younger son who bitches and moans and then does the job, then by the one who claims he’s going to do it and doesn’t.  I’m both those guys. 🙂

Anyway, the pre-feast mortification is now officially done, ’cause it’s now the Feast of the Assumption. Eat lots of fruit and have fun on Lady Day in Summer, folks!


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