The Archbishop of Liverpool?

You read it here first… My mom and dad went to St. Helen’s in Riverside, Ohio for Mass today, and were rather startled to see a mitred head lining up in back. He wasn’t our archbishop, either — but the Archbishop of Liverpool. (Liverpool, England, not Ohio… heh.)

Apparently it wasn’t Archbishop Kelly’s first visit, either. Relatives in the area? Friends with the pastor? Your guess is as good as ours.

Unfortunately, the sound system is very bad, and my mother and father could hardly make out a word the archbishop said. So they couldn’t report on the homily’s quality, or even what it was about. Also, they’re not on the Net or up with church news, so they couldn’t ask the Archbishop any newsworthy questions afterward.

However, they did report that they heard an extremely lame “Taste and See” which was totally new to them. Maybe the music director got hold of that horrible English one….

Anyway, I have now officially scooped Rocco. Not much of a scoop and no useful development of the info, but there you go.

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