So… That “Draft Palin” Thing Worked….

The local Republicans called me and told me I could get tickets. But me, I didn’t want to go. I took a personal day to do library research instead. And not at Wright State.

(Sorry. I’m a nerd without a car. It really was too much trouble to try and get tickets. So, sorry, guys. No liveblogging from me! And hey, it’s not as if I could have posted anything from the Nutter Center. I don’t think I can get on Wright State’s wireless.)

Hee. Don’t really mind. The news is just as good when you get it late and weren’t there to see it made. I’m feeling very chuffed, and even contemplating making a fanvid. (But I will not gloat in front of my little brother the Democrat. No. Not at all. Just behind his back.)

And hey, maybe that Hermeneutic of Continuity blogpriest will become the Archbishop of Westminster!

In related news, we find out that both the Juneau Empire and the Associated Press think Wright State is in Dayton, Massachusetts.

Wright State. Wright Brothers. Which Dayton could it possibly be? HMMMM?

Alleged journalists. Alleged editors. And yet, they make money.

That’s what makes me sigh.

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