Tom Holt, Meet Sarah Palin

If you’ve read any Tom Holt fantasy novels, you’ve heard about the world-dominating works of the dreaded Milk Marketing Board.

Sarah Palin went up against Alaska’s Creamery Board — and won.

I know, not as amusing as the Sarah Palin – Chuck Norris list, but it had to be said.


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4 responses to “Tom Holt, Meet Sarah Palin

  1. S’okay. Before I heard all the details and only had surnames, I was struggling with trying to figure out how he goe Michael Palin on the ticket… XD

  2. The McCain Python Flying Circus?

    The Ministry of Silly Walks would become a cabinet-level department.

  3. You mean the Secretary of Silly Walks, of course… 🙂

  4. This is America. We have to name things in Bureaucratese. So the move up to department would probably be accompanied by a name change.

    The Department of Absurd Ambulation.

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