Cool Yup’ik Facts

Yup’iks (the tribe of folks from which Todd Palin is descended) are not Inuits. Inuits, Aleuts, Yup’iks et al are all part of the group of related tribes and languages that used to be lumped together as “Eskimos” and now are lumped together as “Inuits”. But this is like lumping together all Algonquian tribes as “Lenapes”. Or, in fact, “Algonquians”. But it’s a lot more annoying when Inuits are the tribe next door, one gathers. Steve Sailer has a good article on the Inuit/Eskimo/Yup’ik thing, which might come in useful nowadays.

Yup’iks have a unique naming convention. Each child born in a village is given the Yup’ik name of the last person in the village to die — man or woman, makes no matter. Hence, there are absolutely no sex distinctions in Yup’ik naming.

Navigating the Alaskan tundra, and riding snowmobiles over the “frozen waves” of snow or water, are  essential everyday skills for many Yup’iks. Here’s an interesting webpage that teaches you how a Yup’ik would find his way from Point A to Point B in a featureless (to my eyes, not his) frozen winter wilderness. It’s based on instruction given by a Yup’ik elder to some university folks, and is full of practical math and navigation stuff. Great for you homeschoolers and Scouts!

Finally, I’d love to see a Yup’ik move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A Yooper Yup’ik.



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6 responses to “Cool Yup’ik Facts

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  2. Kdp

    I am of Yupik descent. Only finding this out as a huge shock thru a DNA test. I am trying to find out more about my heritage. I am over 1/8 Native American.

  3. Wayne

    I am also over 1/8 Yupik descent, thru DNA testing. Have you found out anything about your heritage? If so how did you do that I would like to do the samething to learn about my heritage.

  4. latoshua Ross

    My daughter is yupik Indian her father grandmother and two unles are full bloodied but I am have trouble get her registered does anyone no where to start at?

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