JPop Detective Movie Theology??

KOH+, a musical duo comprised of the two actor/singer stars of the live action Japanese mystery show Galileo, has recorded a new single for the soundtrack of the upcoming Galileo movie, Yougisha X no Kenshin (Suspect X’s Devotion). So how does the theology come in?

Well, in the show, the hero and heroine had a very harrowing experience on Christmas Eve. Japanese shows like to have Christmas episodes, and they like to bring in the romance and danger stuff because Christmas in Japan is a big holiday for romance. (Also shopping, decorations, and cake, Japan’s population being mostly non-Christian.) So there is a little bit of opening for Christian themes. Also, the scientist/detective is interested in weird happenings and physics and blowing things up, so the apparitions of Our Lady of Akita were bound to come up at some point.

But interviews with the songwriter say that the concept of the movie soundtrack single “Saiai” (Utter Love) is that our scientist guy sees our fiery, awkward police detective chick as praying for him and being like the Virgin Mary. In aid of which, they pose the female lead actress in an Akita-like way. (Although I could be wrong about this. Does anyone really understand the mind of a music video director?)

(Actually, this is probably the most normally Catholic trope I’ve ever seen on something Japanese — sorta Beatrice/Dante. But it seems a bit odd to have romance tie-ins with Akita, ’cause that whole apparition is pretty scary.)

Moving right along, though, the lyrics apparently don’t reflect this concept much at all! So I really don’t know what the heck is going on in this video. Maybe we’ll just stick to “the singer is singing a romantic ballad”.

BTW, the Galileo TV soundtrack was really very good, but also odd. The lead actor composed the instrumental themesong (pretty much an extended electric guitar riff), which is called “Spiral of Perception and Pleasure”, or something like that. There was a theme song for the lab section the hero taught to his grad students. The ending theme had a chorus about love being the Strong Force holding them together (horrible physics pun). Like I say… odd.

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