Checking In

It hasn’t been big on the national or international news, but we had a huge windstorm here in Ohio.

Remnants of Hurricane Ike met a high pressure system up here, and were married by a cold front coming in from the other way. 60-90 mph winds resulted, instead of the expected torrential rainstorm; and the big problem was that since this wasn’t predicted, people didn’t prepare. Also, the tornado sirens and watch/warning system didn’t go into effect. The result was a bigger quantity of storm destruction than even that provided by the Xenia tornado — although the 1974 destruction was of more horrible quality, because so very localized. This time, everybody gets to suffer a little bit, but very few people are really in dire straits. Uncomfy and unhappy straits, yes. Wal-Mart was even closed.

And if you’re wondering what happened to that trampoline you left in the front yard, one of my coworkers saw it rolling down the avenue. 🙂

I napped through the whole thing, pretty much.  I told you I was tired. 🙂

It wasn’t bad in the little valley on the leeside where I live. But we did lose a big huge limb from the tree on this side of the apartment building, which was a bit disconcerting! Other people had things a lot worse — huge loss of power and utilities since lines and tree limbs are down everywhere, and many trees were actually uprooted and flung through roofs and cars. It’s expected that some people will be without power and phones till the end of the week, especially in tree-lined or wooded neighborhoods. Oakwood, which is up on a hill and along a ridge and is full of old trees, is not looking good.

Community Golf Course over by me? Lost 80 trees, since it’s up on hills and ridges in the exact wrong direction.

My parents came home at the beginning of the storm, and happened to decide to park their car in the backyard by the fence, because the car was dirty. Two big boughs fell on the driveway where they usually parked, so that was a good decision!

Anyway, I still don’t have phone/cable/Internet. So I’m checking in now, but don’t expect more for a while. Also, that local Palin fundraiser has been rescheduled to a more propitious moment, so I obviously won’t be blogging about that anytime soon.


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2 responses to “Checking In

  1. Lucia Rosa

    Ouch. I’m glad people are mostly ok, though!

  2. Joy

    We got lots of rain here–buckets. I’m really glad your parents decided to park the car elsewhere and that overall injuries were few. And some people think we should figure out how to control the weather–sheesh! Imagine how much worse things would be if storms were run by committee.

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