Catholic Music from Peru

El Rincon Musical Peruano is a very fun and interesting site, dedicated to midi files of Peruvian music. Every kind of music seems to be here, and that includes religious music and more religious music. One of the pages isn’t in English, so I’ll point out what’s on there.

“Dolor y Pasión” (Sorrow and Passion) is a march tune for Holy Week, Eucharistic, and feast day processions.  Now that’s Catholic culture, baby!

“Maria Auxiliadora” (Mary Helper) is another processional march. The mood is one of petition in need.

“Tu Reinarás” is a song for the feast of Christ the King.

The “Gloria” by Giombini, was originally written by an Italian film composer, arranged for Spanish words, and brought to Peru. The folks on this site explain that every Peruvian parish has its own slightly different version of this old post-Vatican II warhorse, brought out for special occasions and changed by the folk process down the long years.

“Segará” is a song about the end of time, when Jesus brings the good fruit into the Kingdom. Another post-Vatican II song, apparently from about 1982.

“Señor de la Agonía” (Lord of the Agony) is a march for Good Friday.

“Señor de Yungay” (Lord of Yungay) is a march composed for processions to the former site of Yungay, a town buried by an earthquake in 1970.

“Salve, Salve, Cantaba Maria” is a traditional song about Mary’s purity and beauty.

There are also two more processional marches, both used for the October 28th procession in Peru in honor of Our Lord of Miracles, and a bunch of recently composed praise song choruses.


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