Food Festival Killed the Cat

Apparently, I missed the outrage earlier this month, when the Sun revealed that Canete, Peru holds a cat-eating festival every year, the Festival Gastronomico de Gato. (I’ll spare you the links to YouTube coverage of the event.)

Anyway, this festival takes place on September 21st, on the Feast of St. Iphigenia, which name ought to be enough to provide you folklore scholars with a couple of articles. But the story goes that she was an Ethiopian virgin non-martyr, originally converted by St. Matthew, who helped evangelize her homeland. According to this gentleman living in Valparaiso, however, St. Iphigenia was later appropriated as “the patron saint of the Black Arts“, which ought to provide three or four more articles.

The truth of the matter seems to be that the local church for black slaves was often named after St. Iphigenia of Ethiopia, and that the only meat slaves could afford was stray cat.

Maybe they only eat Cats That Look Like Hitler?

(Yes, this is a pretty gruesome post. But this is Halloween week, so I’m being seasonal.)

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