A New Fiend of Twenty Faces Movie in Japan?

Apparently, the producers of Daughter of Twenty Faces are not the only ones who’ve been dreaming of the ultimate master of theft and disguise in the world of Edogawa Rampo. There’s a new action movie coming out in Japan called K-20. (That’s short for Kaiju 20 Mensou.)

Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, the story is that our favorite Kaiju of 20 Faces is running around Tokyo in 1949 in a sort of leather Zorro suit (when not wearing disguises), pursued by the famous private detective Akechi Kogoro in his suave high fashion suits (when not wearing disguises).

Unfortunately for him, a totally innocent young acrobat finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is accused of being Twenty Faces himself! How can he prove his innocence while being hunted down by the police? Obviously, he’s got to do what even Akechi can’t manage — capture 20 Faces!


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