Singable Translation: “Attende, Domine”

Yes, yet another example of my insistence on using slow airs for hymns. This one works fairly well, I think. It sounds a bit better than it looks.

“Attende Domine/O Hear Us, O Lord”
Lyrics: Maureen S. O’Brien, 10/30/08
after “Attende Domine” (Trad.)
Music: “Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui Neill” (Lament for Owen Roe O’Neill)
Trad. Irish.

Attende, Domine —
O hear us, O Lord.
Et miserere —
and have mercy, O– Lord.
Quia peccavimus —
for we have sinned, O Lord.
Tiiiiibi —
against You-, O Lord.

Attende, Domine,
Et miserere
Quia peccavimus

To You, Most High King,
Redeemer of all things.
We lift up our eyes.
O graciously hear
Your pleading people’s prayers.


At the Father’s right hand
The Cornerstone,
O Road of Salvation,
O Gate of Heaven.
Wash off our spots and stains
From all the wrongs we’ve done.


O God, we ask
Your Majesty’s sacred ear
That our groans and our sighs
You graciously will hear
For our crimes, kindly one,
O kindly grant us pardon.


To You, we admit
All– the crimes we commit.
With contrite heart for it,
we set out the sins that we have hid.
O Redeemer, take pity.
Forgive us, in Your mercy.


Innocent, caught.
Unresisting, brought.
With the witnesses bought,
By crooked men, condemned —
Those You redeemed on that day,
O Christ, keep them that way.


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