Italian Thanksgiving

The Anchoress fills us in about Italian Thanksgiving (in her combox):

[Yankee Thanksgiving is not much different from yours, but ITALIAN Yankee Thanksgiving goes like this: antipasto including cheeses, dried sausages, vegetables, olives, fennel. A nice plate of stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. Maybe some stuffed clams. Shrimp cocktail. Salad. A pasta dish (usually lasagna, or manicotti or – if they’re keeping it “light” a little pasta primavera, which is penne pasta with veggies). After pasta, the turkey. And a ham or a roast beef, “because sometimes not everyone likes turkey,” or maybe a little bracciola. Sweet potatoes…not usually in a pie, but I’ve gotten them used to the pie, by now…5-6 vegetables, “because maybe someone doesn’t like a few, and you should eat at least four.” Eggplant Parmesan. (I’m making the eggplant tomorrow) Mashed potatoes “because maybe someone doesn’t like sweet potatoes in that pie thing.” Stuffing. Gravy. Cranberries. Italian bread with lots of butter. There might also be some meatballs being passed around. You have to try everything, or someone is offended. Also, drink the wine, the wine is good for you. After the dishes, comes the fruit and nuts. After the fruit and nuts comes the rice pudding, the cookies, the cakes and pastries, and a few pies, but not pumpkin, because only Elizabeth likes pumpkin. With the dessert there is coffee, or espresso, and maybe a little cordial, “oh, watsamatter, have a little drink! You want sandwiches? Anyone hungry? I can bring it all out again for sandwiches!”

I’m not kidding. That’s Italian Thanksgiving. At Christmas it’s pretty much the same, but with more fish. – admin]

I think I’d have to bring along all of Rich’s kids to eat my plate. We used to have some pretty food-filled Thanksgivings when more family members lived closer. But man, I’d never eat manage a bite of all this.

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One response to “Italian Thanksgiving

  1. Maureen

    “But man, I’d never eat all of this. By the time I’d be a quarter of the way through, I wouldn’t even be able to manage a bite.”

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