Choir Is What I’ve Been Up to Lately

‘Tis the season for the other choir I’m in to go visit nursing homes. I won’t be doing that again until next week now, but I’ve also got practice for my regular church choir. (And Mass, of course.)

Don’t be too impressed. Retired choristers are the ones to watch. There are men in the other choir that sing in two or three different funeral choirs on weekdays, their own church choir on Sunday, and assorted weddings, too. Usually for free. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

Choir is a very odd thing for me. Singing tends to pump me up with something similar to adrenaline but more cheerful and less nerve-racking. After I’ve been at it a bit, choir practice makes me act like I’m slightly manic. (This is so unlike my normal self, you would hardly know me.) It takes me a while to wind down from choir practice or actual choir, even though it’s not nearly as stressful as performing in front of an audience all by myself.

However, it took me so long to wind down last night that I’m starting to think maybe I should have had a glass of wine, instead of staying awake till after midnight because I didn’t have the sense to go to bed.

Anyway… that’s why I’m so scatterbrained during Advent and Lent. The rest of the year, I have no excuse. 🙂


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