Takedown or Fakedown?

Warner Music Group recently had a hissy with YouTube, and demanded that all the previously permitted use of their songs in peoples’ video end forthwith, and all the videos be taken down.

However, a close examination of the offending tunes reveals that WMG hasn’t actually checked to see if the songs they want taken down are actually their songs.

For example, they have taken down some Scarlet Pimpernel musical songs that they managed to hunt out. But wait! Only the Broadway musical albums and their progeny were albums produced by Atlantic Records, in the Warner Music Group. The pre-production album by Linda Eder was and is from Angel Records, a subsidiary of the EMI/Virgin group. So those songs, or those versions of them, are none of their business.

So… Maybe other record companies ought to sue WMG for pretending to own their music?

Btw, YouTube is not at all interested in hearing about this from the peons. You should just see the maneuvers you have to go through to reach a complaint form, coupled with dark threats about lawyers and penalties. And it’s stupid. People will just get a new account and put the videos up again, or put them up on a different video service. It’s all just one big corporate lawyer kabuki dance, for which the lawyers are paid and by which the non-lawyers have their time wasted.

Of course, I only noticed this because our little Warner friends took down an ancient fanvid of mine. Doesn’t really affect me, of course, except to make me annoyed.

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One response to “Takedown or Fakedown?

  1. Joy

    Oh so that’s what happend! I was trying to watch that very vid at work on Monday night (The office was empty b/c of the bad weather and I was very lonely.) and got an error message. Other deletions from my playlist are now explained **pouts** Dumb suits!

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