Fitness Report

I’ve been trying to exercise more, so as to lose weight more permanently than before. It’s annoying to do, but I do seem to be slimming down and gaining muscle tone by using the exercise videos. About the only ones with routines simple enough that I can perform them are Leslie Sansone’s walking videos, but those make me sweat plenty. I don’t like sweating, but at least if you do it at home, you’ve got a shower close.

(It’s not that I find sweating disgusting or anything. It’s just such a bother to sweat, and to exert myself enough that I get to the point of sweating. Exercise is just not all that exciting, even though it is good for you and makes you feel better.)

Anyway, on Sunday I managed to do Sansone’s 4-miles in 50 minutes video. (This includes a lot of jogging, which Sansone semi-jokingly calls “enhanced walking”.) I thought I was about to die when I was about halfway through, but I survived. (Actually, I think most exercise videos strive to make you feel like you’re going to die at about that point.)

I really need to do something more with my middle and back muscles, but unfortunately pilates and the like are a sure way for me to get a crook in my neck. (I’ve got some weirdnesses with my back, which is probably why.) I will probably have to break down and buy one of the belly dancing exercise videos, or something similar, that tries to exercise your back but not kill and eat it.

The biggest problem with me and exercise is that it’s really difficult for me to tell if I’m doing what the TV people are doing, the same way they’re doing it. I don’t really have a lot of awareness of where my body is and what it’s doing in relation to the rest of the world, when it comes to something new. If I already know how to do something, I can get my body to do it with a fair amount of precision; but if I don’t, it takes a lot of working out. It’s not that I’m clumsy, precisely. I can be very agile — if I know what I’m doing. But I’ve got a very slow learning curve with stuff I don’t know. Given how fast most exercise DVDs want you to learn new moves, you can see where this can be a problem.

My unexpected problem has been with doing sidesteps to the left. I must be spending a lot of time sitting wrong or something, because there’s a muscle on the outside of my left hip that absolutely hates sidesteps. I have found various ways to make it loosen up a bit and leave me alone, and it doesn’t really bother me at any other time than when I’m exercising in that specific way. But it’s strange to have a new problem. Maybe I’m getting old….

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