A Catholic Blogger Goes Silent.

According to his wife Amy Welborn’s blog, Michael Dubruiel collapsed and died today, February 3, 2009.

Michael Dubruiel, like Amy, has been one of the earliest and most persistent Catholic writer/bloggers. His book on the Mass was truly useful to me personally. I never met him, however, and I’m very sorry for that now. I hope to thank him someday in our Father’s house.

Please pray for him, and please pray for his bereaved wife and children.

(Also, now would be a really good time to buy books by Dubruiel or Welborn. Monetary support for those left behind is always handy.) (UPDATE: Amy has asked that you not buy books directly from her at this time, as she’s in no shape to fill orders. However, you can buy from Amazon through her page or Michael’s, as I have linked above.)

Michael Dubruiel himself wrote a book called The Power of the Cross. He wrote, “What death takes away from us, the saving death of Christ can restore. May we never forget that truth, neither when a loved one dies nor at the hour of our death.”

And so we sing:

May the angels lead you into Paradise;
May the martyrs receive you at your coming,
And lead you into the holy city, Jerusalem.
May the choir of angels receive you,
And with Lazarus who once was poor,
May you have eternal rest.

Remembrances are all over the blogosphere, but here’s some from people who knew him personally:
Mike Aquilina</a at The Way of the Fathers.
Thomas Peters at American Papist.
Rod Dreher down in Dallas.
Nancy Carpenter-Brown at Flying Stars.
Pete Vere at Catholic Light.
Kathryn Lopez at the Corner at the National Review.

A place to post “spiritual bouquets” (ie, promises and reports of prayers).

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