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Love Pulps

For my romance-reading friends, Joy and Enbrethiliel, here are some covers of love pulps!
(Arrow through to find more covers for these magazines.) It’s interesting to watch the meaning of “romances” change from any old kind of adventure story to specifically adventure/love stories to just plain love stories. The change happened pretty quickly, for a word so old.

Affinity Love Stories

All-Story Love Tales. (All-Story was a magazine line and a description.) Here’s a couple more All-Story Love, and another with a very charming cover.

Complete Love. (Also a magazine line and a description. No serial stories, they mean.)

Cowboy Romances.

Cupid’s Diary
. More cute, wholesome covers here.

Dream World Love and Romance.

Exciting Love. Exciting was also a magazine line.

Four Star Love.

Gay Love. As in fun and merry.

Glamorous Love Stories.

Golden Love and Golden West Romances.

Ideal Love.

Leading Love. “Leading” was a magazine line.

Life’s Romances. No idea. Nice cover, though.

Love Adventures

Love Book.

Love Fiction Magazine.

Love Novels
, Love Novelettes, and Love Short Stories, too.

Love Story Illustrated Magazine and Love Story Magazine. (Are you starting to get the feeling that this Phyllis Gordon Demarest was popular and prolific? Here’s a nifty cover.

Magic Love.

Modern Love Stories. Another descriptive product line name.

New Love
. Another magazine line. They were claiming no reprints.

North-West Romances: Stories of the Wilderness Frontier.
. Best. Cover. Ever.

Popular Love. Another magazine line. (And enough with the masks, already!)

Ranch Romances. The great survivor, lasting until the late sixties/early seventies.

Rangeland Love
. Also Rangeland Love Stories, Rangeland Romances, and Rangeland Sweethearts.

Real Western Romances

Rodeo Romances.


And so on, and on, and on….

Sorta love pulps:

I Confess: This sort of “True Confessions” magazine survives to this day. Needless to say, said “True Confessions” were almost always fiction written by established writers under pen names. This cover is prettier, although I think the guy looks kinda weird. Similarly, here’s Modern Romances: Every Story True.

Intimate Confessions was apparently a “spicy” True Confessions mag. Most spicy pulps didn’t get very explicit, but they still manage to be totally nasty and unwholesome. Some people think they’re funny, but I didn’t.



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In Which the Banshee Demonstrates Cold Medicine in Action.

The scene: The main Girl Genius fan community on Livejournal, Agatha’s Minions.

The cause: A new installment of the Girl Genius webcomic, in which a delirious character murmurs the words, “Imagine that everything is made of pigs.” This creates discussion of the consequences of such a thing.

I posted (anonymously, since I have no Livejournal account):

If everything were made out of pigs, nothing would be kosher.

“Fiat porcus” just doesn’t have the right ring to it, either.

Yup, I can see where Sparks have trouble not becoming heretics. The devout ones who get worried about this probably ask their family chaplain to follow them around and write up Theological Impact Statements.

I was told for the first time in my life that I had won the Internets, which pleased me. (I’ll let you guys keep using them, of course.) But the fact remains:

I do not think of things like this without the aid of medicine, or while I am well. It’s a bit frightening, since it seemed such a normal joke idea when I typed it….

It is also possible that I am spending way too much time surfing blogs about Catholicism. 🙂


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