This Has Been a Rough Month or So, Hasn’t It?

Sometimes, it just seems like a lot of depressing stuff is happening and that the news is full of dead people. The owner and founder of Jay’s, a local seafood restaurant, died while taking photos in Death Valley! GM! NCR! That poor Army guy shot at the recruiter’s office. That crazy Ohio State jihad stabbing. David freakin’ Carradine!

Y’all just stop it, you hear?

OTOH, this man is definitely a hopeful kind of guy. He’s obviously dedicated to his “job”, much like that lady from Defiance who raised her kids with contest-winning. Also, he has good taste.

The thing that stuns me is his perfect command in videos of that sweet spot between “funny and smart” and “funny and dumb” — “funny and dumb-on-purpose”. I’m serious. That’s a very difficult thing to do, and it’s nice to see it done well. (Unlike, say, most of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, which just thinks it’s being dumb-on-purpose.) He also does a really good goony face. No wonder he wins so often.


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2 responses to “This Has Been a Rough Month or So, Hasn’t It?

  1. You’re awesome! Thanks! Glad you like my goony face!

  2. Steven P. Cornett

    Keep up the good work. Glad you have a liking to Dayton.

    Steven Cornett

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