More CMAA Colloquium Fun!

There’s a group called Corpus Christi Watershed filming a documentary at the Church Music Association of America Colloquium this year. (Yes, the CMAA’s name sounds pretty grandiose. It’s one of those things where an old organization was pretty big, shrank for various reasons, but has been making a big resurgence.)

Anyway, the Watershed people did a little videoblogging from the Colloquium. It gives you a pretty good idea of what people get up to, during the Masses and classes. But it might need some annotation!

1st organ guy: Horst. He’s also a conductor, director, etc.
1st stained glass window: That’s Christ getting baptized.
Lake Michigan. Too gorgeous to believe, no? But yes, that’s how it sometimes looks at Loyola.
Waving hands – that’s the desired flow or rhythm for Gregorian chant.
Dapper guy with the bowtie – Jeffrey Tucker.
Round thing with singers gathered around it in the back of the chapel – Yes, that’s the baptismal font.
Really skinny director with his mouth open – Wilko Brouwer. Good director.
Comments about people wandering in and being stopped by the music — Oh yeah. Happened all the time last year, too.

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