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In Which Wikimedia Annoys Me

Wikimedia has decided to change all its images into a format called SVG. Apparently this has many lovely advantages.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of program to edit .svg images. Most people don’t. And let’s not even talk about how stupid of experiences I’ve had in the past with all the techie guys’ favorite art software. The concept for me is: “I just want something I can use quickly, not every possible feature to apply to every pixel.” This is not what art/tech geeks write for software!

So what good is Wikimedia’s promise to make it possible to play with public domain images and to save them forever and ever, when they decide to move over to some weird format nobody’s ever heard of and nobody but them can use? Why then delete the old files, instead of providing them in the old format as well as the new? Why throw all of people’s hard work of uploading into the dumpster, in favor of a less original version of the image?

Oh, and did I mention that Internet Explorer doesn’t support this picture format, except through a plugin? I mean, yes, we all love to hate IE, but is it really necessary to punish the poor trapped users as well as the company? (Not that I use IE at home, or anywhere I have a choice. But sheesh, they still have some market share.) So basically they’re saying that you can’t use Wikimedia Commons unless you’re sure you don’t have any IE users. Yeah, that’s open commons. Sure.

But here’s what really ticked me off — they implemented this from one week to the next, deleting the previous files. Which I was going to use for my webpage this weekend, but now I can’t. They didn’t warn me about this possibility either, back when I could have saved the files for myself.

Thank you very little, creepy Wiki people!



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