Darn This Zeitgeist.

An acquaintance of mine, of fertile and vast literary talent and winning personality, has just published her first novel. Yet despite my faith in her abilities, I cannot recommend it sight unseen, because darn it, that’s the world we live in. I’m painfully afraid that it’s going to be full of Things What Gripe My Soul. So I’ll have to get to the bookstore and read it first.

On the bright side, I did just figure out what the next Great Urban Fantasy Mystery Novel ought to be. Given that the overwhelming majority of supernatural PI’s are women with a touch of strange, and given that they are generally ladies of talent levels that defy belief, it would seem that the obvious heroine would be:

Mary. You know, the Theotokos.

Surely, down those mean streets of Jerusalem and Ephesus a woman must go, who is not herself mean. 🙂

She even has a built-in Watson — St. John.

Advances will be accepted by my bank.

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