Books Not to Give My Little Brother

My younger brother served in the Air Force and still is in the Air National Guard. So when something military happens in a book or TV show which he deems… unlikely… it tends to ruin the whole show for him, whereas for civilians like me, it’s just grounds for an eyeroll.

For some reason, people have been writing a lot of military sf lately that strikes me as just that… unlikely. I mean, I believe that the deeds they chronicle could happen; but I also believe that the door wouldn’t hit the butts of those who did it, on their way out of the armed forces and into permanent bad consequences.

On the bright side, when it’s so very hard for the mavens of forbidden love to find any romance that strikes most of their contemporaries as forbidden, I suppose it’s a gift from God that love between officers and enlisted remains forbidden. But they never seem to have any idea of why that would be so. (*faceplant*)


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3 responses to “Books Not to Give My Little Brother

  1. The bad part about Knowing Stuff– it ruins a lot of movies….

    Stargate was surprisingly accurate, though.

    • Which is why I tend towards Military SF by people who know what they are talking about and who usually served. Though there are those like Tom Clancy in the non-military SF world that gets it right.

      Watching movies involving the military is especially hard. So much is off to anybody who served.

  2. Nothing kills a movie for me faster than deliberately ignoring grade-school science. Unless it’s on MST3K. 😀

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