Jewish People Are Tough!

Even their gefilte fish glows in the dark!

The comment from the store about “Eat it! It’s good for you!” is hilarious. Apparently from the same school of thought as the German/Swiss side of my family — that as long as it’s not rotten or moldy, anything weird about food that’s bought and paid for is probably good for you. 🙂

Found via Agatha’s Minions’ Journal. This also allows me to point out that being cousins with Neil Gaiman probably makes you a weirdness magnet.

This also seems to support young Master Peters’ theory that Catholics should go back to eating fish on Friday before the fish deploy their plan of world domination. We are fortunate to have Jewish people and deli fans on our side in this chthonic struggle of surf vs. turf.


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2 responses to “Jewish People Are Tough!

  1. And if you can scrape, cut or trim off the fuzz, it’s not moldy!

  2. Maureen

    And besides, penicillin is medicine!

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