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Br. Guy Consolmagno: His POV on the Pope/Meteorite Story

Via Bill Higgins, you can read something nice about it over on Brother Guy Consolmagno’s LJ.

Yes, this is really late late-breaking news…. Sorry, folks. Me no pay attention.

You can also listen to him podcast about the Vatican Observatory, as part of a many-person, yearlong project for the International Year of Astronomy. That’s a little newer! Of course, it relates to his book on astronomy and the Vatican that was published back in June, The Heavens Proclaim. Here’s a podcast interview about it.


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Well, I’m Feeling a Lot Saner.

I had to work overtime on Saturday morning, but it’s not really that hard to concentrate when there’s not a lot of people at work. So my part of the system change got almost all done in 4 hours or so. I’ve got another hour or so of work for tomorrow morning on that, and then I can catch up on my normal work and/or help other people. So I feel a lot better about going to work on Monday!

I went to the bank before it closed, and then I remembered that I wanted to go up to church and go to Confession. (Not that I’ve done anything mortally sinful! Just that it’s been a while, and most of my Saturdays I can’t go, even if I should need to. So it’s better to go get the venial crud taken care of, when I can.)

Unfortunately, I forgot my Confession cheatsheet (ie, examination of conscience and the Act of Contrition I use). I can never remember that flippin’ Act of Contrition! Makes me sound like a heathen! But never mind. I got absolved, even if my side of the sacrament was messy.

At this point, it became painfully clear that I hadn’t eaten anything really substantial before walking over to my parish. (I had a hot dog for lunch, and that wasn’t enough.) So I got a real lunch (or early dinner) and then walked back. I was pretty footsore by that point, and I told myself that I’d have to remember to take the bus Sunday morning instead of walking.

Did I get up early enough to take the bus to church this morning? I did not. Boo, me.

Did I wear good walking shoes? I did not. And my back has been telling me about it all day.

Well, I got through choir all right, despite doing my best to drop things every five minutes. I probably should have stayed up at the top of the hill, but I wanted to change my clothes and have lunch before the Life Chain on Pro-Life Sunday. But I guarantee you that I took the bus the second time! I didn’t meet up at my parish though, but rather at the site of the Life Chain. Even though I’d changed to comfy shoes, I really didn’t want to walk over there. So yeah, I got to stand around for an hour with a sign and my back killing me (even with liniment). More experience with offering stuff up. But I got to sit down when we said the Rosary at the end, and I also got a nice ride home. So all in all, a good day.

I forgot to say that I also took care of some other outstanding business this weekend. I know a lot of people who’ve died, and there are some whom I really worry about, for various reasons. I try to get Masses said for them, but that’s not always easy. You can’t necessarily get to a parish office while they’re open, because they keep weekday business hours (or banker’s hours!). And yet, you generally have to ask for Masses in person. (Sometimes you can do it by mail, and there’s a couple of missionary groups, etc. with online Mass requests.) But you kinda would like to have some personal connection to Masses being said for people, not just pick out J. Random Priest or J. Random Agency. (Well, I would, anyway.)

Anyway, the folks up at St. John Cantius in Chicago have instituted a “Perpetual Mass Society”. All that means is that every time they say a certain Mass (in this case, the weekly EF Mass), they say it for the folks enroll in the Perpetual Mass Society. (Well, of course every Mass everywhere is said for all the living and all the dead, but… priests say Mass for special intentions on top of that.) You can enroll living people, dead people, whatever. I know that supporting their parish is a good cause and who they are and what they do, so it seemed like a good idea to me. (I mean, I’ve already listened to their talks and bought their CDs. I don’t need more CDs really, and I do want to get Masses said.)

But mostly, now the departed folks I’ve worried most about are being prayed for as much as I could possibly wish — with the greatest prayer of all, which is the Mass. (As well as other prayers being said for their benefit, which is very nice.) Since both of them suffered from bouts of loneliness in life, and depended heavily on their friends since they didn’t have much family around; and since one of them took a keen interest in liturgical matters — I think having lots of closeknit people pray for them in a very traditional and liturgical way is something they will find appropriate. So that’s one less thing to stress about at this time of the year, when the beloved dead come frequently to mind, and regrets do, too.

Enrollment would also be a nice Christmas gift for the living person who has everything. (Assuming you know your person, and they won’t be offended or something. If they would be offended, I guess you could do it and not tell them; but that wouldn’t work as a gift-giving idea!) Heck, if you have a Goth friend, it’d probably be a nice All Hallows’ Eve gift. 🙂 There are other Catholic groups and parishes which do similar things, I’m sure; perpetual Mass societies used to be pretty common. But these are the folks I know about, and who are conveniently online. 🙂

So anyway, I didn’t get a lot of rest this weekend except in the evenings, at which point I fell asleep on my couch. I also didn’t get any chores done. But I did get all my other bills paid and sent this weekend, so that’s off my back; and I did do Useful Things For Others, which is always good for depression or feeling out of sorts. Also, I walked at least six or seven miles. 🙂

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