Meanwhile, in the Real World

Unfortunately, it looks as if Spirit the Martian Rover is stuck in that sand trap for good. NASA is crossing its fingers, and hoping Spirit’s electronics can survive the harsh Martian winter while stuck out in the open.

UPDATE: Cheering news from Fr. Z’s combox commenters!

“My friend Mike is also a Spirit driver at JPL and says that this report is misleading and they have not at all given up on getting Spirit moving again. Here is a post from his Facebook page:

“to clarify things: Spirit is NOT currently stationary. She will move to an orientation to survive the Martian winter. Once into Martian spring Spirit will begin a stationary radio science campaign. We can’t move for 6 months for SCIENCE reasons. Once all of that is done we can evaluate working towards extrication once again and moving to new interesting areas with our four working wheels.”

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