I Skip All the Meetings and Forget to Read the Memos

Apparently, at some point between Due South and today, our Canadian friends decided to stop calling folks “First Nations” and start calling them “Aboriginals”. Not “Aborigines“, but “Aboriginals“. It sounds incredibly racist-Victorian and creepy to me, I guess because I skipped all the preliminary work making “First Nations” sound somehow racist and “Aboriginals” somehow okay.

So I had to turn off the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I just wanted to watch the pretty light show, but noooooo. Nothing but narration yap from the commentators, and the creepy thing where they called North American Canadians something that sounded Australian except racist.

Shrug. Well, I wanted to get some sleep. But this isn’t the way I planned getting it.

I’m actually pretty surprised that the Olympics are on. I haven’t really heard anything about them, because they don’t bother to run Olympics advertising on the channels I usually watch. (Also, I usually mute the commercials and work on something else.) Too close to the Superbowl to excite people, maybe? Too much snowstorm stuff going on?

Well, I hope to watch the curling, and I hope that this year, the commentators will shut back up and let me watch. It’s no fun if you can’t hear the broom against the ice. But I’m fairly sure they’ll keep right on yapping continuously, just like I’m sure they’ll keep running crazy little banners that block the picture just when you want to see something. Just like I’m sure you won’t really get to see the competitions, since they’ll keep cutting away for short features and commercials. The whole beauty of the Olympics is the sheer amount of sports there is; but the whole goal of Olympics coverage is never to show you any sports at all. Turn it into narrative and soundbites and make it footage material instead of something happening live. Do anything but actually show what people sit down to watch.

I wonder what excuse they’ll use this year for not showing events live. They’ve always got one.



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4 responses to “I Skip All the Meetings and Forget to Read the Memos

  1. I actually thought the opening ceremonies were among the best I’ve seen. I came in during the parade of nations, just before Georgia came in; that black streamer hanging with their flag was a heartbreaker.

    And capping it off just before the lighting ceremony with k.d. lang covering Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluia” just shot me through the roof.

    • Well, I was feeling cranky despite all the pretty stuff, so I was better off going to bed. For some reason, I get very obsessive and ranty this time of year, and there’s no point giving rein to it. Sorry I missed the singing.

      The whole parade of nations thing coming before the opening ceremonies was a better way to go. But yeah, it was really sad about Georgia. I thought it was nice that so many of the athletes had managed to get hold of black armbands.

  2. Joy

    I loved the wire work during the salute to the plains, and the fiddler with all the dances. I wasn’t so fond of the Hallelujah part because that song really, really, depresses me, but the rest of it was great.

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