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In Case You Wonder Why I Post about Name Meanings

Which may or may not be there….

Because I’m a geek! And because I like my disbelief suspended by the neck until dead! 🙂

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Durarara Note

The show Durarara has been a big fan favorite this season. Everybody kept mentioning that it was made by the same people as Baccano, which didn’t sound like anything interesting to me. But they also kept mentioning that it was a sort of multi-threaded plot-heavy story, and that there was a stray Irish otherworldly spirit running around.

Well, I started watching it this weekend, and I’ve really enjoyed it. The concept of doing a story all about different stuff happening to neighbors in the city is interesting. Most of the stuff going on is normal, but the headless motorcycle rider is not the only person in Ikebukuro with strange powers beyond those of mortal men.

Anyway, the dullahan chick with a difference is named Selty Sturlasson. (Like the poet. But obviously the family moved to Ireland, because it should be Sturlasdottir.)

I know you’re thinking, “Ooh, dumb Japanese transliteration of a European language”. But actually, it’s a reasonable Norse-ish name. Sceld=skjald (shield) + -ey (woman or island – very common name ending for women). Shieldwoman. Appropriate.

(The Scottish “sheiling”, btw, also comes from skjald.)

Otherwise, it could be a name saying she’s from Shetland (Sealtainn, in Scottish Gaelic). The other possibilities are pretty much all words for “dropping” or “sowing” or “sealing” or the saliva type of “spit”. Or a drastic Japanese weird spelling of “Sile/Sheila” or “Celt”, I suppose.

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Good Cthulhu, Bad Cthulhu

Well, Lovecraft fans, the good news is that you’re getting a Nyarlathotep anime.

The bad news is that it’s Nyarlathotep reincarnated as a cute but overbearing little girl with a Cthulhu barrette. In Flash animation. Adapted from an entire series of light novels!

It’s called Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani.

Yes, it does sound like it could _actually_ suck out your soul and bend your mind into other dimensions. Brrr.

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Okay… Possibly the Eisenhower-Time Travel-Mars Thing Wasn’t Weird Enough

There’s this Japanese religion called “Happy Science”, which has spawned a Japanese political party.

Basically, the founder claims to be God and Buddha (both in the same guy), and to be able to channel all sorts of religious founders (including those of other recently founded Japanese religions, which meant fun with lawsuits). He also has claimed that in the future, Martin Luther and Nichiren (in the same guy also) would be reincarnated in order to start a new Japanese super-religion, and that the US will sink into the sea and be replaced by Atlantis risen into its place. His wife runs the political party.

Where do they get the money for their work, their anime, and their political party? Why, donations from their members, of course! Totally voluntary. Just like Scientololology. Oh, and past-freshness-date Doomsday prophecies, too.

On the Internet, you’ll probably meet somebody who believes this. So… fair warning.

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