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Well, Perhaps the Timing Isn’t the Best

(See below.)

But if this doesn’t show people that D&D isn’t an incitement to violence, I don’t know what will.

Kind of a nice proof of concept, but nothing I’d actually want to play. And obviously, showing the players all the DM information is a Bad Idea.


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Aussiecan Ordinariate!

Tiber kangaroo down, sport, Tiber kangaroo down….


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Every Serial Killer in the US Known to Have Played Checkers

And watched television, and paid attention to the news. In fact, most serial killers have a real sick relationship with the media. Yet you never see the newspeople focusing on themselves as an obviously clear and present danger and scourge on society. Funny, that.

But yeah, let’s blame Dungeons and Dragons for Amy Bishop. It’s probably the most normal activity and the most socialization she ever engaged in, but let’s blame that.

UPDATE: Bishop and her husband repeatedly called the police to report that kids were riding their bikes and dirt bikes during normal playtimes, she got angry about kids playing basketball, and violently protested the ice cream man coming to their neighborhood. (Because her kids were lactose intolerant, and therefore no kids should have a chance to get ice cream. Just to be “fair”.)

Clearly, this woman needed to play more D & D, not less. Although she was probably a real pain in the butt to her fellow players, she might have learned something about not whining all the time. Life is not fair. The sooner you get over expecting it to be, at least in this world, the better-adjusted you’ll be.

Also, any couple who names their daughter Phaeder [sic] (Phaedre?) is not thinking too clearly.


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