When Your Estate Is Not Your Friend

It’s well known in the professional sf/f community that the heirs of John M. Ford (writer of science fiction and fantasy, poet, and designer of hilarious rpg modules) have refused to let any of his stuff be reprinted. Because they Didn’t Like It. (Although to be fair, apparently many of his relatives did like his stuff fine.) It’s possible that time, which heals all wounds, will help his heirs decide to reprint.

Similarly, the work of the prolific sf/fantasy writer C.L. Moore was out of print for many decades, because her pig of a final husband Didn’t Like It. But after he died, she was restored to her rightful place.

Clark Ashton Smith’s estate took a different road. It’s not that they didn’t like reprints. It’s that they only wanted expensive prestige reprints to be done… which is not the way to grab people who’ve never heard of your guy at all.

However, public domain comes upon us all. Heh.

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  1. Makes one wish for a re-working of copyright. (…tried to call it “copywrite.” -.-)

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