So This Is Where the Kids’ Shows Were Hiding….

Apparently, a good chunk of the obscure syndicated shows I liked, back in the nineties, are over at Sync TV. I’m just not sure if they’re still in business.

They’ve got the great old B&W Japanese show, Gigantor. Gigantor. Gigaaaaaaaa-a-antor. Gigantor’s a great big robot, he’s at your command, Gigantor the space age robot, his pow’rrrrrrr is right in your haaaaaaand….

Roswell Conspiracies, with its great Robert Forward arc story and some very fun, very weird sf/f.

Princess Gwenevere (although for some reason it’s the international version Princess Starla — probably because of rights issues with Avalon: Web of Magic).

Highlander: The Animated Series, another arc show (and more interesting and beautiful than you’d expect, thanks to those freaky French animators).

Kong, another show that kinda grew on you.

Also, Book of Spells, a show I’ve heard about but never seen.

I’ve seen the animated Babar, but not the animated version of Redwall.

And so on…. Take a look. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to register anymore.


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