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Quixotic Pronunciation Proposal of the Day

Given that people are determined to use “to image” as a verb, and not in some photographic sense, I believe that it is time to do the usual sort of accentual shift that so often distinguishes a Latin or Greek verb or adjective from a noun.

Yes, I believe the thing to do is to pronounce “to image” as “i-MADGE”. Then it would sound like English instead of Buzzwordian.

However, if you really want to sound pretentious, you could pronounce it “i-MODGE” or “i-MOZH”.

It’s a pretty baffling verb form, in all seriousness, and seems to have been designed solely in order to avoid saying what one means by it. If you mean “to imagine” or “to picture”, why not use those words instead? In that way, you can avoid messing up “to image” as a shorter way of saying “to produce a visual image, photographically or otherwise”.

Maybe I don’t need to complain about it, though. It seems to be dying out, these days.


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