The Dr Who Writers Hate Me Now

“The Beast Below” was an episode which, in many ways, had its heart in the right place. The problem was that it threw its brain away to get there. When you can think of three or four better courses of action than the Doctor does, while the scene is still on television, it isn’t a good sign. Doctor Who is supposed to be about cutting through logical fallacies, at least in part.

I also rather resent the continuation of “all you viewers are so stupid that we writers have to come right out and explain parallels to the situation of the main character, while hitting you over the head repeatedly with them”. That’s subtle compared with Russell T. Davies, but that’s not saying much. And don’t say you have to do it because it’s a kids’ show. Kids enjoy a bit of subtlety as much as anyone.

Yes… I have now gotten enough sleep to stop feeling zoned out and punch drunk, and my inner critic has come back with a vengeance.


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