Singable Translation: “Uragiri no Yuuyake” from Durarara

Sunset sneaks up, you just can’t trust
It; hate beads of sweat tangled up your hair.
Cutting through, a breeze on you,
Machine gives a shout like it’s singing out.
That’s a fairy
Who keeps her own counsel, over there.
Payback’s coming;
and it’s a shard of the love she shared!

That’s a morning sun risin’, yeah,
Thru the buildings, right there!
Now if you can believe, you can change something,
If you know new day really means something.

That’s a morning sun rising, yeah,
Driving out of the dark!
Now and if you can feel it, you’ll get to see it,
If you know your dream really means something.

Oh there’s something out there only we can see, and we see it,
And I’m sure
That it’s something no one ever can take from us —
Thing we’re looking for really means something!

That’s a morning sun rising, yeah,
A horizon sunrise
Now if you can believe, you can change something,
If you know that light really means something.

Here’s the first episode of the Durarara anime, so you can listen to the song right off. The anime’s name is a motorcycle/horse sound effect: drrrrrrrr! This song, “Treacherous Sunset”, is the first opening theme song for the show. (Anime is partly designed to sell soundtrack albums, so they switch theme songs a lot.)

It’s a very strange anime, as I think I’ve mentioned before, and is based on a series of short urban fantasy “light novels”. The theme of the first part of the series is odd interconnections in a small urban neighborhood of Tokyo. It’s an oddly fun show, although it’s pretty dark in some places. (I mean, this is the kind of show where there’s more than one serial killer lurking in the background.) And yet it’s fairly cheerful and positive about urban life.

The “fairy” in the song is a dullachan, a headless death coach driving sidhe who ended up in Tokyo. She’s the motorcycle rider in the opening credits.

I put this translation together by referring to the prose translation at Gendou’s Anime Music, a Japanese dictionary, and my own dubious ingenuity. đŸ™‚


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