Not being a very plugged-in fan, I missed the news last January that there will be yet another Space Battleship Yamato (or Starblazers, as we American kids saw it back in the day) movie out this December.

So I see that today, and think, “Aeh, that’s nice.”

A live-action movie.

“Aeh, that’s nice.”

Then I watched the trailer. (Yeah, Harry uses language. You might not want to scroll down too far.)

Derek Wildstar, complete with 70’s hair! Captain Avatar, solid, old, wily, and white-bearded as life!


You can learn more about the movie here.

Yes, darn it, I’m excited about this movie. Very excited. I’m “getting up at 6 AM to tape-record the show dialogue while holding my hand over my mouth” excited. And you know what?

It’s going to be released in Japan on December 1, 2010.

You know what that means?

“Hurry, Star Force! There are only 281 days left!”

On the dark side… they’ve made the sometimes sage, sometimes hentai, nearly always drunk Dr. Sane, Argo’s curmudgeon medical officer, into a woman. Ewwwwwwwwww. They’ve made the ship’s redheaded, freckled male communications guy, Homer, into a woman also, which is… um… way too Uhura, and also creepy.

I’m not as disturbed by them making Lt. Nova into a Cosmotigers fighter pilot. It’s weird for her, but fighter pilot is one of the things her character did occasionally do. (She was a jack of all trades as a spaceship officer.) But given her character’s role as a gentle balance to the amazing amount of extra- and intra-ship combat in the show, I think that turning her into a neo-female Starbuck would be a huuuuuuge mistake.

However, the actress playing her is a female singer and model, so I doubt they’ll de-sweet-ify her too much. Also, she apparently has the Matsumoto-required Long Heroine Hair and Big Almondy Heroine Eyes. She’s from Okinawa, interestingly. Not a typical looking idol singer, either, because her father was half-Brazilian. Hard to tell from her videos if she can act, since they’re mostly all dancing or looking at the camera. But she seems to project a winning personality, so I’m feeling positive.

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