Liz Shaw from Dr Who — Audiobook Bible! Free!

Liz Shaw, the iconic no-nonsense UNIT scientific adviser who worked with the Third Doctor on Dr Who, was played by Caroline John, a very good actress with a very good voice. I’ve always been sorry we haven’t seen more of her work over here.

Now, in an amazing project for charity, Caroline John has recorded a complete audiobook version of the Gospel of Mark, and a good chunk of the Gospel of Matthew (currently, Chapters 1-11 have been posted). I think it’s the King James version; and it was professionally recorded over in London.

The Lambs Audio Bible is being put together by longtime US Dr Who fan Jeri Massi, who has been running the Conference of the Lambs, a group for documenting abuse of members of independent Fundamentalist churches (mostly a small denomination called IFB), and helping the survivors heal. The idea here is that people have sometimes been misled by selective quoting of the Gospels, and that hearing them as a whole will help people reorient themselves.

But anybody can use this. It’s free to download and may be freely distributed, too. (Details on the first chapter of Mark.)

Oh, such a lovely English voice. Even if you’re not religious or Christian, this is a real treat for any audiobook listener or Who fan. Obviously, Caroline John should be hired immediately by audiobook companies everywhere.

Here’s a Facebook page for just the Gospel of Mark.

Caroline John has also read bits of scripture previously for various series of talks on Jeri’s podcast All of Grace. (About which I don’t know much, and obviously Jeri’s theology isn’t Catholic; but there you are.)

UPDATE: See comment below from Jeri Massi. Apparently three out of the four Gospels were finished and are good, but the Gospel of John had audio problems. So posting is ongoing, but production is at the Argh! What to do?!? stage.


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3 responses to “Liz Shaw from Dr Who — Audiobook Bible! Free!

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I do regretfully reply that production problems (since I was trying to do this from the US while it was recorded in London) have forced me to put the project on hold until November. We did complete Mark and Matthew, and Matthew should be posted in its entirety by November. But Gospel of John has significant sound problems owing to faulty recording. I’m still trying to work out the best way to proceed, but it may be impossible to continue with Caroline and the studio in the UK and me here in the US. I am looking at US voice artists to finish the project, but nothing has yet been finalized.

    • Don’t be disheartened. It’s amazing that so much of your project has gone well. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with anything audio or overseas or collaborative, and you are doing all three!

      I’ll pray for you… but let me know if I can help some other way as well. Three out of four Gospels ain’t bad, but four would certainly be better. 🙂

      Also (though this is coming from a stranger butting into your business), you shouldn’t be writing comments on my blog at 4 in the morning! Sleep! (Says the chick who’s been doing the same insomniac thing lately.)

  2. Ha ha! Thank you for your very kind words. Actually, I get up at 10 till 4 each morning to take care of the work on behalf of the Lambs before I tend to my day job.

    I still don’t know if I shall ever be able to repair the Gospel of John. One studio in the UK who does work for the BBC and National Geographic told me that they tried but they cannot fix it, and another studio here in the US also tried and could not effect repair without removing so many parts of the sound waves that it produced a buzz. I’m still seeking alternative methods. I appreciate your prayers.

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