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Happy St. Ezekiel’s Day!

Since St. Ezekiel is the unofficial patron saint of gamers, this is a very important day to remember!

(Some would say this is because he was commanded by God to draw a map, make a model siege of Jerusalem, and play a tabletop wargame in Ezekiel 4:1, and then spend a couple years live roleplaying being caught in a siege — all as a warning to the folks of Jerusalem. Some would say it’s because his vision of the Valley of Dry Bones launched a thousand stop-action horror effects. But others would say this is because God commanded him in Ezekiel 4:4 to lay around the house all day eating junky food, for more than a year.)

Here’s another hymn for prophet and patriarch saints, from Mone’s Lateinische Hymnen des Mittelalters, #638:

De patriarchis et prophetis.

O patriarchae gloria
sublimes, o prophetae,
vestra peto suffragia
Dei fortes athletae!

Ne mentem gravent vitia,
subsidium praebete,
ut fruar pacis gratia
in virtutis quiete.

O patriarchs, o prophets,
In glory may you soar on high.
I ask your prayer support,
Strong athletes of God!

So vices won’t hold down my thoughts,
Provide me help;
That I may enjoy the grace of peace
calmly, in virtue.

I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t found any Ezekiel hymns specifically. I’m sure they are out there, and that wheels are involved.



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