Fatima Al-Mutairi’s Last Poem

Some of you may remember the story of the Saudi man who killed his daughter for posting while Christian. Apparently, there’s an Arabic poem going around which “Rania” (whose real name is now said to be Fatima Al-Mutairi) posted on an Arabic-language Christian Internet forum shortly before she died. Here it is on Facebook, with an English translation (if you hit “read more” on the first post).

Anyway, here’s my attempt at a translation of the translation.

O Muslims, may the Lord Jesus guide you
And enlighten your hearts to love others.
This Forum does not insult the prophets’ Master;*
It displays truth revealed for you, my brothers.

*(Meaning Jesus, not Mohammed.)

This is the truth which you don’t know.
The words of the prophets’ Master* we profess,
Not worshipping the cross and not possessed.
We worship Lord Jesus, the Light of the Worlds.
We left Mohammed; his way we don’t follow.

We follow Jesus the Christ, the Clear Truth.
We are not traitors; we love our land truly.
We take pride that we are citizens, Saudi.
How could we betray our dear homeland and people?
For Saudi Arabia, for death, we stand ready.
For my grandfathers’ homeland, for their odes and glories,
I write. We say, “We’re proud, proud, proud to be Saudis.”

We chose our way, that of ones guided rightly,
And every man is free to choose any faith.
Be satisfied to leave us believers in Jesus;
Before our time comes, let us live in grace.

Oh, the heart’s sad! There are tears on my cheek!
To those who turn Christian, how cruel you are!
The Messiah says, “Blessed are the persecuted.” Meek
All for the sake of Christ, all things we bear.

If we are infidels, what’s it to you?
You are not dragged with us into our graves.
Enough. I don’t mind swords, evil, disgrace.
Your threats don’t trouble me. We’re not afraid.

By God, I’m a Christian unto death! Truly
I cry for what has passed by — a life so sad.
For many years I was far from Lord Jesus.
O History, record this! And O Witnesses, bear witness!
We are Christians — we walk in Christ’s path.

Take this word from me and note it well,
For Jesus is my Lord, the best of guards, you see.
I counsel, “Clap your hands to mourn for yourself. Pity
Your look of ugly hate, and see.
Man is brother to man, o learned scholars. True?
Then where is the humanity, the love? And where are you?

As for my last words: I pray to the Lord of Worlds,
Jesus the Messiah, the Clear Guidance’s Light,
That He change ideas, set justice’s scales aright,
And spread Love among you, O Muslims.


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3 responses to “Fatima Al-Mutairi’s Last Poem

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  2. siham

    May God have mercy on the soul of your brother who committed this atrocity. I have a new name for your brother’s vocation” branch of enforcing vice” that is more becoming. Rest in PEACE of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST

  3. Virginia Webb

    You were a brave soldier of our Lord,
    Jesus Christ. May you be blessed forever as you enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.

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