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Jane. Austen’s. Fight Club.

Via BoingBoing, a movie trailer produced by a bunch of Mormon young ladies from Los Angeles for a magnificent Austen super-crossover. Made for their local church film festival.

I bet it was a hoot to make.

Normally, I would make noises about costuming inauthenticity. But in this case, it works really well. Given the general departure from Austen reality, the costuming actually makes it more fun — a sort of acknowledgement of makebelieve. (If somebody made a Malory movie, it would almost demand a similar mix of costuming.)


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Die, Canadian Geese, Die!

In retaliation for ruining every piece of greenspace near water, spreading disease, frightening small children, and forcing an airliner to ditch in the Hudson, the great state of New York is going to go all Jaeger on Canadian geese.

To which I say, “Hurray!”

The sad thing is that they plan to euthanize the geese, instead of using the meat. Bah. There’s a lot of good eating on those geese, and the economy isn’t that great. They should be making ’em into goose jerky and passing it out to the poor.

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My Thoughts on Announcements from Comic-Con

1. How did I get into the alternate universe where TV Guide puts out a Comic-Con issue every year?

2. The Avengers look good, but where are all the female Avengers? Sheeeeeesh.

3. If Greg Weisman is running Cartoon Network’s new Justice League cartoon, I am there. With anybody else, i’d be a lot more skeptical about the stupid title (Young Justice) and the prequel concept (about the younger generation heroes just starting out — sort of a slightly older Teen Titans). But Greg Weisman, like Paul Dini, is a name you can trust. And for your dark brooding teenager’s pleasure, Weisman reveals that “not everyone is going to survive”. (Though of course, there are no final deaths in comics. Heck, even Bucky came back in the end.)

4. The new Loony Toons series for WB… it doesn’t look like it’s going to be one more misuse of a classic franchise. It might even be pretty darned funny and fun for the kids. I look forward to seeing it on Saturday mornings this fall — and I didn’t think I would.

4. Apparently Chuck is now supposed to be the story of Philip and Jamie from Scarecrow and Mrs. King. (Okay, not really, but close enough.) Linda Hamilton will play Amanda… er, Chuck’s mommy.

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