I Hope I’m Not Alienating People Here

I tend to post about weird stuff that’s interesting to me. I realize that this can be a little offputting.

I do respect you folks who read this thing. I’m just not very good at explanations and framing of stories. (If I were, I’d be one of those pay bloggers.) 🙂

But my standard way of absorbing things is just to… well, absorb them. There are a vast number of things about which I have no particular opinion, because I haven’t absorbed enough data yet to have any particular thought on the matter. But there’s always something interesting out there, whether or not I’m ready to have an opinion yet; and I collect some of those things for you to read.

So to be perfectly clear, I don’t expect anybody to exactly imitate any particular Cordoban martyr. I think they are interesting people, and that St. Eulogius is an interesting author, and that it’s interesting to have a look at the Cordoban Caliphate under the notorious Abd-er-Rahman II (who’s also the subject of modern ghost and monster stories in the Pyrenees). If you find something useful or interesting to remember or use, that’s good. If you don’t, there’s always more data in the world for you to absorb, and there will be different posts tomorrow. And if you have a strong opinion about what you read, that’s good too, and I’m glad to hear about it from you.


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4 responses to “I Hope I’m Not Alienating People Here

  1. Chase

    Actually, not at all. I’ve been following this blog for a few months and I really appreciate the content on it. Keep it up, all of it!

    You don’t know how refreshing it is to find a traditional Catholic who doesn’t want to resurrect the Bourbon monarchy, outlaw women’s pants (that question was how I found you in the first place), or reinstate burning heretics and conversion by the ‘sword of Christ (I’ve actually heard this term bandied about quite a lot).’

    I want to comment on your comments of the other post, but only cause I have more questions, and I really liked your answer to the other one. Keep up the good work!

    • I guarantee that if I were going to resurrect a monarchy, it wouldn’t be the Bourbons. Although drinking Bourbon is okay. 🙂

      A lot of traditional Catholics are romantics, so they tend to collect quaint hobbies and lost causes. (Which is not foreign to my own psyche.) Don’t feel shy about pushing back with your own strong opinions; keep an eye out to differentiate matters of prudence and preference from what really counts in Catholicism; and you’ll be okay. You’ll also find that there are plenty of more moderate or neutral folks out there who are traditional-minded. They just don’t blog and comment as much, because they have better things to do and less time on their hands than somebody like me. 🙂

      • Chase

        Haha, the Bourbons … now, the Habsburgs would do Europe a lot of good. To have good ol’ Franz Joe back. I’m an American but I live in Germany, and monarchy may actually be preferable to what passes as ‘democracy’ over here … and we think Obama ignores the electorate. At least he’s not trying to add a giant Muslim nation to our Union against our wishes(though he would if he could).

        I think some voices of sanity in the blogosphere can be fount over at Fr. Z, Fr. Ray Blake, etc. These people love tradition but they don’t think PJP was a heretic nor do they want to go back to 1905. So, people are out there.

        BTW, I still have some good comments to make on those Cordoban martyrs.

  2. ed

    Hey I just wanted to post this six months later to let the dust settle. I appreciated your point of view on the incident off of Grange Hall. Im not using names due to search engines. It was interesting to me that most of the people that had negative postings, are the same people that are willing to give their lives to defend freedom. Speech included. I know the facts of the incident and this may not have been the same guy they knew on that day. Maybe he would have been on the next day, but that day he clearly wasn’t. Keep on keepin on and I read your stuff every now and again and can appreciate it.

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