If Cordelia Vorkosigan Does It in a Story, It’s Feminist and Cool.

And Mama Grizzly. (And it ends up on the cover of that sf book.)

If a CSI guy has to do it because it’s an emergency, he’s justified as an officer of the court.

If Kipling’s characters do it, it’s just one of those things.

If a Gurkha does it in real life, he’s in trouble?

I mean, obviously heads must roll, but generally Gurkhas are the roll-er, not the roll-ee.

I’m not saying “Let’s all abuse corpses”. But in war, some awfully weird things happen. This certainly seems to be making a federal case out of something the local commander could have dealt with himself.

But let’s be cheerful and look at the nice Vorkosigan graphic novel that will never ever actually come to Amazon Canada instead. And a video of the superpowered Bronte sisters.


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2 responses to “If Cordelia Vorkosigan Does It in a Story, It’s Feminist and Cool.

  1. …While I’m not all pro-cut-off-heads-and-use-as-gate-decorations…. I can’t see the problem.

    Guy was sent to kill bad guy.

    Guy brings back bad guys head.

    Not like there was a lot of malice involved…

    • *reads*
      “… it offends the Muslim tradition of burying the dead with all body parts, attached or unattached”.


      Can I we start burying suicide bombers in lard yet?

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