Now I Remember Why I Don’t Visit Marvel’s Website.

They’ve got all kinds of stuff up, at the Marvel Comics website, advertising comics and TV adaptations and all that sort of thing. Fine. So I saw a funny video some staffer had put together, in the tradition of “What The-?” comics, with Marvel action figures… sorta like Robot Chicken, but apparently cleaner. And they’re spoofing the Winter Olympics. So I’m thinking, this will be good.

No. Totally wrong there.

They had Cannonball as an athlete, and he was explaining (while standing next to Captain America and Captain Britain) that he came from “the country of Kentucky”. He claimed he was not from the United States. He didn’t claim to be from the Confederacy; he didn’t even claim to be from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Nooooo, “the country of Kentucky”.

Now, Marvel’s Southern characters have always been a bit of a sore subject with many, because stereotypes have been known to crop up, and the characters often are not understood by their writers. (Though at least they have some.) But this was ridiculous, even in a comedy. If Cannonball had been excessively patriotic, that would have been funny. He and Captain America could have competed to be the most patriotic one. Or if Marvel wanted to be edgy, they could have given Cannonball some kind of Lost Cause spiel and braved the resulting criticism or support. But this was just pointless.


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