Bread Alcohol Levels

Uh oh. It turns out that tiny amounts of ethanol produced by bread yeast will register on a breathalyzer as alcohol. So if you have a tiny drink and a huge amount of bread and butter, maybe you have a problem.

It also turns out that you really don’t want to feed large quantities of active dough and sourdough to dogs who are sensitive to ethanol, because they can get alcohol poisoning! Well… there’s a reason the Sumerian bread goddess also was worshipped as the inventor of beer, but this is bizarre all the same.

Via Instapundit.

There’s also a problem with breathalyzer tests if you’ve been around gasoline and absorbed it through your skin, if you’re diabetic, or if you’ve been fasting or dieting enough to produce bad acetone breath.

But even better, a person with a yeast infection or other conditions can find himself suffering from “auto brewery syndrome”, making him legally drunk without ever taking a drink at all!

DUI Blog also has an interesting post on the string of implications that California prosecutors want to use to prove a DUI-related death is a murder, instead of being a traditional “doing stupid things you shouldn’t” type of manslaughter. Which seems a bit much, given that California isn’t lacking in murder-type murders.


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  1. Reminds me of that study that found that missing a few hours of sleep a night was as dangerous as driving legally drunk.

    Rather than making me take tired driving serious, it made me question how much of an effect alcohol actually has.

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