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If Drout Were Any More Productive, His Fingers Would Fall Off

Read it and weep! The man makes most professors look like slackers! Of course, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean a lot — but what I’ve seen of Drout’s work is full of quality and interesting thought. So the quantity becomes quite impressive.

He’s going to be leading a Saxon-oriented tour of medieval English sites in 2011, so those of you with money and time (and/or Tolkien love) might want to sign up. He’s also doing a Shakespeare tour, for those with more generalized English lit interests. Hard to go wrong with Shakespeare.

Sigh. Money and time.

Anyway, make sure you read about lexomics. It’s one of those things that’s so simple and clear an approach that it almost seems like there’s got to be a trick to it — but really, it’s just harnessing the brute force power of computers to do the boring stuff computers do best (instead of making your weak-eyed, slow-fingered, trembling minions of graduate studies do it). An unexpected spinoff from the exciting world of genetic analysis of vellum! If only more people working in wildly different academic fields could learn from each other like this.

I don’t know what the reference to August is about, and no doubt it would be impertinent to inquire; but it sounds like a prayer in his general direction, and that of his kindred, friends, associates and acquaintances, wouldn’t go amiss.


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