BLESSED Cardinal Newman!

This is so great! Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Re: the question of when people celebrate his feast day, it’s pretty obvious why the Vatican set it on his conversion day instead of the day of his death (his “dies natalis”, birthday, in the ancient usages of the Church). He died on the feast of St. Clare, a major major saint, and so the folks in the UK, and especially the Franciscans, would never get to celebrate his feast day at all! Better to pick another day for him.

Oh, and I’ve updated his book’s entry on Maria Lectrix. I was hoping to have some more of his books done by today, but this hasn’t been my summer for getting anything done. I suspect we’ll see some moves in that direction by Librivox, though.

The funny thing is that, without Newman, Tolkien’s life would have been radically different (his books converted Tolkien’s Baptist mother). He and his brother practically grew up in the Birmingham Oratory. Meanwhile, Lewis and his other buddies were greatly influenced by the Oxford Movement also, as were Sayers and other major English writers of all genres. But all that is only the tip of the iceberg.

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