The Old School Types Agree with Me

The folks at Spiked are running a nice factual series of articles on the Pope’s visit to the UK, along with essays chiding the new school folks who call themselves humanists. They note that “Today we have a so-called liberal humanism that has little, if anything, in common with the Enlightenment traditions of freedom and tolerance, and which instead calls for the exclusion of apparently dangerous minority views.” So they say they are running the articles “because we want to distance ourselves from what masquerades as humanism today and assert true humanism as we understand it.”

Just in case you think it’s all sweetness and light, the same set of articles includes an essay supporting a Really Offensive Ad. (Though they have a point about the mysterious power of non-government organizations, particularly in the UK. Given that this is a board that actually determines for the government whether or not an ad can run in the UK, I don’t see how they can call this particular one “non-government”, even.)

When you think about it, it’s really weird that offensive ads about nuns and sisters are ever made. How many ad executives have ever seen, in real life, a nun in full habit? (How many have met any religious sister at all?) Do they really think that somebody who practically had to club her way into a fully habited order would be likely to be living uncloistered, or have enough free time in the day with any man to get pregnant? I mean, sure, human ingenuity for sin is unbounded. But this is like running an ad about the sex lives of griffins in an age with no fabulous beasts. Even more, it’s revealing deep-seated fears associated with griffins.

Do they run offensive ads about any other obscure professions, or do they just have a advertiser’s bias against people who vow poverty? (Come to think of it, there’s the Amish getting kicked too….)

Via Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury.

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