What’s Black and White, Maize and Blue, and Scarlet and Gray?

Answer: Next school year, some of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. (Sometimes called the Ann Arbor Dominicans, and drawing many of their number from U of M. As seen on Oprah and EWTN. Yeah, them.)

A group of the sisters are coming to Columbus, Ohio to start teaching school there, and will make their home at the old convent at St. Michael’s, in Worthington while teaching at that parish’s school. They plan to gradually move to teaching all over the Columbus archdiocese as needed (they have a LOT of young teacher nuns), while living together in community at the convent.

This I heard at St. Michael’s, which (save for the non-Mass schedule-posting Pontifical College Josephinum) was the closest church to our convention hotel. I expect that, come next year, there will be many jokes trading on the traditional sports rivalries. But I also suspect that there will be some very happy parents and kids.

Btw, St. Michael’s is yet another seriously lovely Columbus church. It’s a 1964 church that’s got a lot of that “The Other Modern” going for it, with an ambo and altar area that must be seen to be believed. I saw a Benedictine altar arrangement and nice Oriental rugs in front of the altar too, though they’re not shown in this pipe organ page’s pictures. (Oriental rugs are handy for Catholic churches, because they’re lovely and sturdy, and they include every possible liturgical color, too.) Nice choir, nice music selection, friendly folks, good priests, kindly Boy Scouts doing good turns; and there’s a spirit of peace, dignity, and prayerful worship over all. Highly recommended.

So don’t say I never give you any original news reporting!


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  1. I think that these fine sisters will be a wonderful addition to their parish.

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