Free Amazon Stuff

Okay, it’s still too early for Christmas, but it is the season for free stuff.

All you folks with kids, for a limited time you can download a Veggie Tales Christmas album from Amazon’s mp3 section for free. Of course, adults may just want to listen to singing vegetables too. 🙂

Sugo Music’s free A Very Merry Christmas Sampler is pretty nice instrumental music to listen to, as well as being the sort of thing you can put on as conversational background music without worrying anybody. Not elevator music, certainly, but a palate cleanser to freshen your brain a bit.

The Chacra World Music Christmas Sampler is similar, except folk/Celtic-ier. But again, that’s got a function.

There’s also the free Timeless Christmas, compiled by Amazon, which has the Irish Tenors, Michael McDonald, and Neil Sedaka on it. I know my parents would love it. (I gotta say, that Michael McDonald’s rendition of “The Wexford Carol” gives me pain in the sinuses. If you like it, though, go for it. It’s a good old Irish Catholic carol that doesn’t get nearly enough exposure in the US.)

I don’t want to sound all snobby, so I’ll point out this free album of new pop songs, since they don’t play actual catchy pop songs on the radio anymore. Full of the usual incomprehensible lyrics, of course.

Amazon also has a $1.99 album of Christmas classical music selections, one of those 99 Most X compilations. The difference is that this time, you get hours and hours and hours of music instead of just an hour or two. If you put this on your mp3 player, you are probably set for the season. If you missed downloading the 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music in time for Halloween, it’s still just a buck ninety-nine also.

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