More Verbum Domini

More and more, I think it’s deliberate that the Holy Father focused on John leaning on the breast of Christ and Mary listening to God and singing as His Word dwelt within her. One of the big themes of his whole pontificate and teaching life is that Christian life is about meeting Christ and getting to know him. He repeats that again in this book. Then he focuses on “warm” figures like John and Mary as examples of the Christian reading and following Scripture. Neither are passive; both are actively responsive, and full of questions and interest and feeling as well as quiet pondering. He doesn’t fail to mention Peter and many others, but John and Mary frame this sucker.

This isn’t something far away and cold. This is about love and joy, and the way to really live.

Deacon Keith Fournier loves Verbum Domini too, points out that they are going to sell it as a book eventually, and points out that one old definition of a theologian is “someone who rests his head on the Lord’s breast.” Plus a lot more.

Paul Zalonski has a couple of posts on what the Holy Father says about lectio divina in the book. The later post comes with a nice arrow diagram showing and explaining the lectio divina process! There’s not much process, honestly; it’s the natural process of reading the Bible. Do not fear things with Latin names!

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  1. joy

    I’m going to read scripture every day this week. I am ashamed by how often I neglect to do this during the week.

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