Spekulatius Cookies at Aldi’s

As we know, Aldi is a German supermarket chain. So occasionally, they feel it is right and proper to stock German stuff, like pumpernickel sunflower seed bread or Christmas stollen.

I wasn’t aware that they also stock “Butter Spekulatius: rich crisp butter cookies” as part of their “Cafe Bistro” line.

Spekulatius or Spekulaas cookies are usually spice cookies, and are usually associated with St. Nicholas’ Day in Germany and the Netherlands. They also come molded into designs from the 1700’s, either of figures from the St. Nicholas story or of random people and things.

I can’t identify these specific weird designs, but the Aldi ones have them; and they have a bit of subtle spice flavor to them. Very tasty, fun to look at, and a little lingering bit of Old World Christmas for you, at least until they vanish from the store. Check them out, or remember to watch for them next year!


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10 responses to “Spekulatius Cookies at Aldi’s

  1. I do agree with you: I also love their spekulatius.

  2. Great cookies, but what is the derivation of the name ‘Speckulatius’?
    From the latin…but I find no trail. It’s a quite formal name, so there is probably an interesting story behind it. Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you.

  3. lee

    It is from the Latin word speculum, meaning mirror.

  4. DJ

    I have bought these Café Bistro cookies at Aldi several times and love them.

  5. Harry

    love them. But only available Christmas time. could not fine them near HO 44236 area and no way to search. tips on how to find them are appreciated. Harry

  6. ALDI’s needs to stock Spekulatius café Bistro cookies for a LONGER timeframe than just Pre Christmas. The store SELLS OUT QUICKLY & many people,like myself,return to get more,but are disappointed. ARE YOU LISTENING ?

  7. Great cookies I get them at Aldi when they have them I don’t get it for the holiday I just get him to eat and enjoy but I wish I could find out what kind of spices are in the cookies

  8. TGB

    Thanks for the article… enjoyed these cookies last year and had forgot their name and where we got them. Remind me a a spice cookie made by Salerno when I was young called Jingles. Will get the Aldi’s tomorrow : -)

  9. Do you carry your Spekulatius Cafe Bistro cookies now? I love them!!

  10. Karen

    They are DELICIOUS. I can’t get enough of them before they are all gone from the store. Thank you for all the Wonderful food you have through out the store.

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