Chambord Is Good Stuff

Every so often, I spring for something that’s a bit out of my way. For New Year’s Eve, I decided to try Chambord. Then I saw the price, and decided to buy the cheaper version right next to it (Chateau Monet), because I was afraid to spend a lot of money on something I might not have liked. (Yes, I’m cheap and paranoid, and have friends who made me drink nasty sour lemon drinks while promising I’d like them.) Now I’m sorry I didn’t spring for the name brand, since I find I do like this liqueur family a lot.

First of all, these aren’t raspberry liqueurs. It’s black raspberry liqueur. They do use raspberries and blackberries as part of the recipe, but the flavor is clearly not that of either. They call this family “framboise liqueur” just like the raspberry ones, but the label is very clear about the black raspberry part. 🙂

Second, it’s very tasty all by itself. I drank a wee bit as a sort of dessert liqueur after I got home from the Indian restaurant, and it was a very good dessert as well. I liked it warm, but many people seem to prefer it chilled or over ice. It’s a bit stronger than wine, though (as you’d expect from a liqueur).

I wouldn’t throw it down as a shot; the whole point is the taste. (Also, liqueurs tend to get their revenge for such cruel treatment. Object lessons are available at bars everywhere.)

A lot of people like to mix it with champagne (a Kir Royale), and I can see how that would work. Supposed also to be good with sparkling water, white wine, milk, vodka, and so forth. Chambord with 7-Up on top is apparently a popular layered drink, sometimes with vodka between the layers. Some of the other cocktails people suggest for Chambord sound pretty disgusting, but I suppose tastes differ! Some people like to mix it so much that they think it’s better as an ingredient than a drink; some people just like liqueurs and cordials as themselves.

Apparently this also makes a good topper for ice cream (yum!) or waffles and pancakes (I guess that’d be for a late night breakfast). It’s supposed to be very good for cooking with chocolate also. I know somebody who makes Chambord chocolate truffles, and I can say for a fact that they’re darned good. (Yeah, I forgot this when I was in the liquor store.)

They do recommend that you finish the bottle within six months after you open it.


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